About Us

My name is Lindsay Enea and I am the proud owner of Graham and Gray. I have always been inspired by fashion and used to want to be a fashion designer(way back when) and I’ve especially always wanted to own a boutique. It started as a dream of opening a women’s clothing boutique but once Grayson was born, I discovered shopping for him was way more fun and I quickly realized I still had a “passion for fashion” just for littles now. I put this dream off because… life. In 2022, I found out I was pregnant with our 2nd baby, another sweet baby boy💙 You guessed it, we chose Graham for his name. We were beyond excited and all I could think about was buying matching brother sets, but my dream was still on hold. In December 2022, Graham was stillborn and it rocked our world in the worst way possible. I promised him I’d live everyday to the fullest for him and his brother which brings me back to Graham and Gray. They are my inspiration and all my reasons why for this children’s boutique. Guys/gals, I know that got deep for an introduction post but I want everyone who visits this page to know I’m passionate about this business and I’m determined to find some amazing pieces for your littles to wear! I will always work hard to bring you the very best- that being said, I am excited to open in April and can’t wait to help y’all shop til ya drop!!